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Love or Lust: Finding Out More About a Man’s Intentions

May 8, 2014

By Jay J. Joseph
You can never be sure of what someone’s intentions are towards you, whether they want to have a meaningful relationship or are just looking to spend some time with you and then run off to something new. As more and more time passes, you might start getting certain signals which might help you to find whether he wants a meaningful relationship with you or is just looking to have a physical experience and just let go after. If you are able to tell this difference, you can develop a strong and successful relationship for yourself.
Lust: Superficial Conversations
If your guy just wants to have superficial conversations with you all the time, and hesitates in having deeper and meaningful conversations, then he might just be lusting over you. The greatest signal for lust is perhaps not wanting to get to know you but still wanting you around. People who are in lust are more likely to be attracted to you physically.
Love: He Looks Forward To Spending Some Quality Time With You
It is a well known fact that people lusting over someone are just looking for physical pleasure while those who truly love someone seek happiness and a deeper, more fulfilling joy within that person. If your man truly loves you, then he will make it a point to spend as much time with you, get to know you better, and try to learn your strong as well as your weak points. To him, emotional intimacy will be as meaningful as the physical one.
Lust: He Meets You only till His Purpose is Served
If your meetings are short and only full of physical intimacy as opposed to something concrete, then you might want to watch out. This is because, your man might not be interested in building something meaningful with you and will likely only be meeting you to serve his purpose. Therefore, the next time he wants to meet you, you will know exactly what’s on his agenda.
Love: He Talks About the Future
A man who truly loves you would want to include you in his life on a more permanent and long term basis. He will likely talk to you about the future, and his long term plans with you. A deeper and a strong emotional connection is, therefore, a great thing.
You should know how to distinguish between love and lust. After all, you would not want a guy using you for his purposes only, unless you are also seeking lust and nothing else.
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