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The Funny Problems Of A Rich Girl

April 19, 2014

By Niharika Bhullar

Ever wondered what funny instances rich girls face in life? Here is an article telling you as to what funny things happen with them. All you children from rich families please don’t take offence to it; it’s just a few rare instances. Please note that the names mentioned in the article are fictional characters.
All these children who belong to extremely rich families turn out to be big time spoiled brats. We all have a couple of them around us. Am I not right? We’ve seen them enter into parking lots in their big swanky cars, carrying the most expensive set of gadgets along with them, wearing the most expensive designer clothes (that a mediocre family can’t even afford to look at), carrying humongous suitcases filled with attitude and ego, etc.
So here’s a small instance that would make you laugh your hearts out (hopefully).
Anna belonged to the richest family in New York, the city where earning for living is extremely tough. She happened to be invited to prom by the guy she always wanted-Jeremy. She was always used to getting things done her way. But when it came to Jeremy, he was not into her at all, but he still asked her to prom. This was a huge disappointment for her. But anyway, she made up her mind that prom night was going to be the night she made Jeremy fall for her (who was she kidding right? You can’t force something like this on anyone).
She went out shopping with her friends and bought this beautiful, expensive gown for prom. She was obviously going to end up standing out among the crowd; there was absolutely no doubt about that. The evening of the prom night, Anna asked her Butler-Tom, to grab a few cosmetics for her from the market. Anna was the epitome of rudeness when it came to Tom. So, Tom decided this was the only time he could take revenge from her; being fully aware that it was costing him his job. But he also knew how important that night was for Anna; being the best time for a revenge.
Tom got back two hours later from the market and handed the hamper over to Anna. Because he was late, he was shouted at real bad but obviously he didn’t care because he was taking his revenge in just a few minutes. Anna took the hamper to the car and when she reached her destination, she opened it up. She took out her cosmetics and started applying them on one by one.
Now here comes the funny part.
The liquid foundation was replaced with beige paint, the dry foundation was replaced with talc, and a few more mixtures were added to other cosmetics. She had a look at herself in the mirror and was unimaginably furious. She returned home without attending prom and started shouting at Tom for having committed this offence and for ruining the night that she was desperately waiting for; while Tom had a good laugh. Tom was not fired from his job and he got his revenge too. Anna never bossed around him anymore. She treated him just like humans should be treated. What more did he want?

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