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Gold Ring in a Pig’s Snout

April 19, 2014

By Ife Odum
“Prepare now for the solutions of tomorrow”
– Congolese Proverb
Sylvia woke up one morning and was shocked to find out that her husband was gone. He wasn’t missing or found dead, he simply moved out of their home with no explanation as to his whereabouts.
He took away all of his belongings but the only thing he left behind was a letter telling her that he had never been happy in the marriage so he was on a journey to find happiness.
Prior to this time, everything seemed rosy; she was married to the best man in the world any lady could ever wish for. She had three beautiful children and her husband worked as a manager in one of the leading banks in the country. They lived in the choicest part of town and she had everything she could ever wish for until that morning when her world came crashing down on her.
There were no clues that her husband was unhappy. There were no signs to warn her of this impending danger for which she might have taken adequate action. She was devastated, helpless and in confusion on what to do.
What was more paramount on her mind was how she would cater for three children all by herself. She had no job, infact, she had never worked ever since she got married to her husband. Her husband was one of those men who shared the opinion that women shouldn’t be allowed to work but to manage the domestic affairs of the family.
She had little money which she had saved up from the money given to her from time to time for the general up keep of the home, even that couldn’t sustain her and her children for a long time.
Suddenly, she fell ill and was unable to eat for a week. Some relatives tried their best to find her husband but to no avail. She hoped, prayed and begged God that her husband returns to her. She wished and willed in her heart that it was all a nightmare, hoping she would wake up from very soon. But it clearly wasn’t.
As time went by, reality dawned on her that her husband wasn’t coming back so she needed to rise to the occasion before things went really bad for all of them.
She gradually picked up courage in the midst of her brokenness and started selling off some valuable items, which she had. She sold off her expensive jewelries and clothes, her children’s clothes, toys and some furniture.
Soon she saved up enough money and she moved out of their posh apartment in Dolphin Estate and into a more affordable apartment in Surulere. She also had to pull out her children from the expensive schools they were attending to a more affordable one.
Frustration began to set in because she had no source of income to pay up the bills that seemed to accrue in an ever-increasing measure. She regretted not having worked or gained any experience to even seek for a job. During those rosy days, she didn’t know how to do anything except to look pretty for her husband all day. She once had a fall out with a friend who didn’t mince words in telling her that her situation could be likened to that of a gold ring in a pig’s snout. She began to ponder deeply on those words.
She was in such a sad mood one day, when her five-year-old daughter said to her. “Mum, why don’t you make cup cakes for us anymore?” That was it! The idea suddenly dawned on her. Of course, there was something she could do. She remembered she always made delicious cakes that everyone including her husband used to love.
Immediately, she set to work on the little she had and people patronized her cakes. Little orders soon grew into many orders for her delicious cakes and that was how SYLVIA’S DELICIOUS CAKES came into existence.
So when next you eat any delicious cake, take notice, you might just be eating a cake baked by SYLVIA.
This story is a wake up call to every one of us. We must learn to take charge of our lives while we have the opportunity. There is no need for trading blames and wishing that if things have been exactly the way we want it, life would have been better. The truth is, life happens… As author Karen Kingsbury said, “We live in a broken world where challenges and tragedies are bound to happen.” It is not what happens to us in life that matters but how we react to it.
You need to have faith in the fact that all of the failures and the challenges you face right now all come together to make up the strong and unique person you are. So stand, square your shoulders and look up!
Stay inspired!
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