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An Innocent Girl In The Mean World

April 19, 2014

By Niharika Bhullar
There was this girl, pretty young, considered to be a complete dumb head but was a total beauty. She was a charming, elegant young girl, a total head turner, and as she walked down the streets of her beautiful hometown, everyone (especially the young boys) would turn back around to see her walk. All that she did was smile to herself while she walked those streets filled with confidence. She might have been considered dumb in the head but it wasn’t so in reality. Nobody knew her well enough to judge her. Everyone was extremely insecure about her, keeping in mind the safety issues girls were facing in the society during that time.
Her parents tried to protect her from every bad thing in the outside world but they never understood that the world was going to come get her someday, just like everyone else. She was an innocent girl just like girls her age but she was indeed the most protected one by her family. She made friends that she thought were her best friends but actually she was too innocent to know what they were up to behind her back. Eventually when her brain started to mature, she figured as to how mean this world is and people like her don’t fit in here. Those people who she thought were her friends turned out to be backstabbing jerks.
There came a time when she was left alone. Didn’t have anyone with her apart from her family. The only reason being, nobody understood her and they always considered her really stupid. The people around her started raising questions at her identity and this was only because rumors were flowing through the whole city like a strong wind carrying a lot of dirt. This was all courtesy those people she thought of as her buddies. That society that looked at her in awe a few years ago, now looked at her in disgust. And this young girl had to face this world all by herself with no one who stood up for her. That day she knew that the people in this world support the wrong at all times.
She tried running away from all of this but how far could she have gone? How long would she have to run for? Did she really have it in her to just keep running from this world? No she couldn’t run far enough. Someday she would have had to stop running and face the world. And so she decided to face everyone. She still walked those same streets with her head held high up just like before. She didn’t care anymore as to why these people were questioning her identity. She decided to live her life just like she always wished to.
This is a real life instance that I have tried my best to put forward for you all to read in a story like form. The message this story conveys is that this is a mean world but we have no option but to live in it even if we think we don’t fit in. People are always going to talk, that’s how shallow they are. But we cannot give up or for that matter even run away from situations. We have got to face this world and the people living in it someday or the other. So why not do it now? We should not let people who don’t matter to us, feel like they are the most important things to us. We cannot let them overpower our own selves. We cannot let them have the upper hand in living our lives.
I really hope you all like this article and find it motivating. Please do drop in your comments be it negative or positive ones.

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