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The distinct diffference between bokoharem and muslims

June 3, 2013

1) ISLAM: There is no compulsion in religion.
BOKO HARAM: Everyone must adhere to our ways else…

2) ISLAM: Love all and be just to all regardless of religion.
BOKO HARAM: If you are not with us you are against us.

3) ISLAM: Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) lived with peaceful Christians and Jews as his neighbours.
BOKO HARAM: All non-Muslims must leave the North.

4) ISLAM: You are only permitted to protect yourselves when you are attacked first. And you should retaliate justly but when u gain an upper hand, u shld better forgive and leave everything to Allah.
BOKO HARAM: We attack all who stand in our way

5) ISLAM: A true Muslim is one from whose tongue and hands his community is safe.
BOKO HARAM: We do not care your religion. Muslim or Christian we will crush any who stands in our way.

6) ISLAM: Killing of innocent souls is a great sin. No human being has the right to take life except through the due process of the Law.
BOKO HARAM: Allah will understand.He will not punish us.

7) ISLAM: During war, non-combatant women and children must not be touched. Talk less of peace time.
BOKO HARAM: We kill men, women and children.

8) ISLAM: At war time, all non-Muslims that run into their places of worship or their homes will not be harmed. Talk less of peace time.
BOKO HARAM: We bomb non-Muslims in their places of worship. We also kill Muslims in their mosques and homes if we feel they are a threat to us.

So who really are these people with warped ideologies and intents? I may not know what they are really out to achieve but I do know for sure they do not represent Islam. Rather, they are acting contrary to it’s most sublime teachings: peaceful advocacy.

Of course, Islam strongly disapproves of corruption and incapable leadership!



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