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300 level student did the romeo and juilet thing

May 27, 2013

All for love, a 300 level female student of federal university of technology minna Niger state and her boyfriend from the Niger state collage of education almost committed suicide. She drank half a boottle full of the popular insecticide called “sniper” otherwise known as “otapiapia”
An act she committed just to prove her innocence after been accused of cheating on the relationship.

The guy caught her with another dude in a disturbing position at mobil junction. Amenbo village meeting gathered that, he refused to answer her calls.

She Sent him a text suggesting that there was no life for her without him and that she was going to kill herself. It became serious when the guy rushed to her house in fright and found that she had swallowed half of the poison in the bottle, an amount that should be able to wipe out a colony of cockroaches.

Here is the unbelievable part. Now you’d expect our hero AKA Mr boyfriend to save his damsel by rushing her to the hospital with tears in his eyes while the romantic theme music plays in the background…but
that didn’t happen, we heard that he took the left over poison and poured it down his gullet into his own stomach.

This poison is expected to kill the stomach cells, then diffuse into the blood stream and de-oxygenate the blood and kill the brain bit by bit; slow painful death!

By miracle they survived. They are both alive and receiving treatments.

This reminds me of Romeo and Juliet. “True Love in the Air” *lol*

Is this love or Stupidity?


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