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Cossy Orjiakor Reveals Love For Mikel Obi ” I Love Seeing Footballer’s Thing Dangle In TheirShorts”

March 16, 2013

cccHighly controversial Nollywood actress-turned singer, Cossy Orjiakor has revealed her hidden love for Nigerian footballer John Mikel Obi .
In a recent interview, the singer said she loves seeing footballer’s thing dangle in their shorts.
Interview excerpts below;
Who is your favourite Nigerian footballer?
(smiles)I don’t want to mention names. Whenever I am watching a football match instead of enjoying the game I derive joy in watching how the players’ ‘thing’ dangle in their shorts and their muscles too. It’s romantic indeed. It trips me and you know what it means and the consequence…
Which of the Nigerian players have you watched in action thattripped you?
Okay here you come again. I won’t mention his name but I cangive you a clue by mentioning the name of his club if you insist.
So what is the name of the club?
It’s Chelsea.
Is it Mikel Obi?
I think you should be talking about Mikel Obi.You might be absolutely correct. I will say yes if you think you guessed right.
What do you like about Mikel?
He is a cool and handsome dude, you know. During the Nations Cupwhich Nigeria won he emerged as one of the sexiest footballers inSouth Africa.

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