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Networking: What Does Your Online Profile Say About You?

February 15, 2013

By A Price

When networking online you need to ensure your profile gives the right impression of yourself and what you do. This includes your photo as well as the “bio” or description.
If you are starting out and entering your profile details, take time to make sure it accurately portrays what you do. If you are changing a social media account, e.g. Twitter, from a private account, to now promote your business, make sure you update all the information. I recently saw a profile for a business that had obviously been a personal account before, as the bio was completely irrelevant to what they were trying to promote and full ofswear words!
Remember, if someone comes across you on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., they are probably going to look at your profile very early on. So don’t lose potential new business because your profile doesn’t truly reflect your business, service or product.
Another thing to ensure is the photo you use is an accurate likeness of yourself.
There are many people out there who use their logo as their profilepicture. I used to do this, but thenit struck me, when I went to meet others face-to-face for the first time, they wouldn’t know what I look like.
There have been instances where someone I was going to meet hadan out of date or “artistic” photo. When I arrived at the meeting place, I didn’t recognise anyone, until I sent a text to the person, and the phone at the next table beeped. I hate to say the following, but it really did happen.I was meeting someone and because they’re profile photo wasso stylised, it was only when I metthem I realised they had a completely different skin colour towhat I had been expecting and soI walked right past them! If your picture is that different then it definitely needs changing.
Again, I’ve seen profiles where the photo is also inappropriate for business purposes. Believe it or not I have seen photos with a group shot and the face of the relevant person has been circled in red. Also, group shots have been crudely edited so the face of the person who the photo is meant to be off is lopsided, or pushed to one side. Other group shot photos have had the other faces of the others blocked out. Oh, and making rude or inappropriate gestures in the photo isn’t going to win you new business either.
Remember. your photo and profile are going to be one of the first impressions someone has of you online. Get it wrong and they’ll go to your competitors, but get it right and you’re on your way to building a great reputationand winning more business.
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